I admit. I confess! I am horribly envious of women who can sport the vampy, sexy, classic red lip!

Amongst the celebrities that I’ve seen sport really beautiful red lips?

Anne Curtis
Bea Alonzo

Cosmo Beauty Editor Regina Belmonte ( ahhh I’ve seen her in person sport this and gosh, she looks like a porcelain beauty!!! )

Ahem, my friend Stepay’s sister in law Bunny!

Now, whenever I try to try red lipstick on me, I just never, never see myself doing justice to the lipstick. I think my blotchy skin causes it to look wrong ( flawless faces + red lip = perfection ). I just feel that you need to have really flawless skin to pull off the red lip. I also don’t feel at rest wearing the red lip – I feel like my lips are too big, and my teeth looks horribly yellow with them. Sooo many reasons, I know. I am filled with excuses! But rule #1 with makeup is that you need to be comfortable, and feel beautiful in it. So, I have resigned, not to force myself to wear red lipsticks, and move on to the next best color.

I must admit that I do have my comfort zone, which are pale colors – light pinks, and light peaches. I always feel safe and nice wearing them, but there’s that “danger” in red that really calls me. Tells me to go to the dark side. ( I took inspiration from the shade “Lady Danger” by MAC with this sentence. Haha! ). Red is just too sexy!

But then if I can’t force myself to wear red right now, I have actually found a really good alternative to red. It’s my default shade as of late, Bobbi Brown Lipstick in Guava.

The shade is bright. A mix of pink, red, and orange in one tube. I can’t quite explain it, but it looks like pink and somewhat red. When applied on the lips, it goes on gliding like butter, with it being really moisturizing, and giving the lips a soft feel. It also goes on opaque on the lips, upon two layers. The first layer would be opaque enough, but you would need a second layer to make everything even and beautiful.

So what do you think? I think this is the closest thing to red that I can ever go to, and I love this shade. The shade is warm, and it’s also very feminine, and classic at the same time! I love this!

To add, I was also able to think of one blog entry about this lipstick – that is, what shade of lipstick would be best paired with a red outfit when you don’t really want to wear red? This is it. Bobbi Brown in Guava would nail the outfit really nicely. I tried a pale pink lipstick, and pairing it with a red outfit just looks so blah and boring. Bobbi Brown in Guava definitely gives your face that brightness, and that classic, sexy factor without the overwhelming red shade.

So for girls still not ready for red, you have Bobbi Brown in Guava. Take it for a test ride, and if you’re like me, you’ll end up wearing it as an everyday shade because it’s just so lovely!