Charm Travel PRO v3 PreBuy

Hey everyone!

As we have had really great, positive reviews about our latest version of our Charm Travel PRO Brush Set, which is in versin #3, we have decided to keep this version as THE permanent version of Charm Travel PRO.

Charm Travel PRO is a product of my frustration of having to bring full-sized makeup brushes for out of town or out of the country trips wherein I need to apply full makeup. I felt that I would lose these brushes in the process, and I was also concerned about the sizes of the brushes that might compromise my luggage space. I wished that there would be a travel brush set that would work just like professional, full-handled makeup brushes to be able to achieve flawless, airbrush-like liquid foundation application, seamless contouring, and even really precise eyeshadow blending, lining, and all those techniques that would help me achieve a professionally done makeup look. With that idea, Charm Travel PRO was born.

We have had three versions, consecutively being improved one version after the other, and we have reached what we deemed as our perfect travel-sized professional makeup brushes. I am very happy with my brush lineup for the Charm Travel PRO. I feel that this is complete, and the quality is what I really pushed for.

Thus, we are having our last Pre-buy for Charm Travel PRO. With the rising costs, Charm Travel PRO will retail for P 2,500.00 this coming July, and as a pre-buy special for all our loyal Charm lovers, we are offering it for P2,000.00, with Free Shipping offer from Multiply ( until end June, I believe ) !

To be able to join our Pre-buy, here are the things that you need to know :

1. By joining our Pre-buy, you will be purchasing it beforehand, paying for it before the arrival date. With the Pre-buy, it entitles you to a discount, which is P500.00, in this case. You only pay P 2,000.00 for your Charm Travel PRO, but after paying, you need to wait for it for a few weeks.
2. Estimated date of arrival is 2nd week of July, 2012. Please give us until third week of July to be able to ship out your order.
3. You may place your order by clicking the BUY NOW button, and paying for your order before June 30, 2012.

For any questions, kindly email us at Thank you!