Concerts are such happy events. Music-loving people who have found affinity with the kind of music, and idolizing the same band flock together for a night’s worth of their idols on stage, making beautiful music, singing to them live, with them screaming, singing, and even dancing their hearts out. Just one night to see their idols, and hear them sing live. Call me a concert junkie, but I am always game to watch concerts if I really like the artist/band. I hold music really close to my heart that’s why I would gladly pay for such wonderful experience.

For two consecutive weekends, I have attended two concerts of my really, really favorite bands. Let me tell you about my experience as of late :


Lifehouse music was introduced to me by my friends whom I shared a flat with when I was still studying in Singapore. Their songs are written with so much heart and soul, by Jason Wade, the lead vocalist, who had been fueled by his experiences in life to write such songs from the heart. Their songs evoke so much emotions – trying to understand you, with all your imperfection, but giving you hope that there is serenity that awaits you after your period of confusion, grief, and loss. Lifehouse is HOPE in a CD, sending you vibes of hope hope hope that you won’t need to be too sad of your situation. These songs of hope accompanied me during my quarter life crisis stage when I felt lost, and I was looking for direction. These songs were shared to me by my closest friends, that I was quite lucky enough to attend the concert with.

My friends and I bought tickets ( thanks, K! ) the moment the tickets for the Lifehouse concert was available for sale, and it was months before the concert! Weeks before the concert, I would just get giddy and all excited. I was so noisy on Twitter about my Lifehouse excitement, and when the day finally came….

I could not believe it!

Heading on to the venue with two of my closest friends, together with D’s cool, cool siblings, we were just so excited as the show was about to start. Impossibly long lines at DQ, overpriced Wendy’s iced tea – check. The front act was really, really good – Never the Strangers, the ones responsible for the kilig-worthy new Close-Up commercial song. But even if I appreciated a really good band, I just could not wait for Lifehouse!

Jason Wade’s voice. Ahhhh. People were a bit more lukewarm with the fast songs, and cheered more on ballads, and the old favorites. The old songs from the first few albums were just the best, in my opinion. Hanging by a Moment. Whatever It Takes. Storm. You and Me. Take Me Away. I was sulking that by the last few songs when Broken still wasn’t performed, when Jason Wade started singing it, making me squeal in glee. I gladly dedicated this line to my dear friend, leaning on to hear while enjoying this song,

“I might have lost my way now, haven’t forgotten my way home.”

I was extra emotional with the last song, “Everything.” I thought it was the best song to end their concert. This song evoked so much emotion from me that I was misty-eyed while Jason Wade was giving his all in this song. This song can mean alot of things for different people – this song can be dedicated to God, the love of their lives, family, or to a dear friend.

I went home feeling inspired. Feeling that someone, or something wonderful is waiting for me despite it all. Feeling that answers are possible, if I only keep the faith. Feeling healed. Lifehouse’s music is definitely healing, I firmly believe.


I was one of the envious gals when the Backstreet Boys came to Manila and I wasn’t able to watch. Just every generation, or maybe say decade, there surfaces an exceptional all-boy group that have that exceptional voice, knows the right moves, and knows the right words or lyrics that would make girls swoon. My generation was all about boybands. Boyband era, as they call it. I was very young when New Kids on the Block rose to fame, and I admit, I only know one song from them – Step by Step, which I found catchy and such a classic! I never got to know who was who there, and never even knew that Jordan Knight and Joey Mcintyre were part of that boyband until my concertmate K told me ( but then, I listened to their songs when they launched their solo careers! ). Oh but Backstreet Boys? I grew up with their music. Know their songs by heart. Can even sing their songs while asleep. Haha! I love the Backstreet Boys so much! I wasn’t one of those crazed fangirls during my school days, but I would just quietly appreciate their music and singing along with them when I would hear their songs on radio, and even watch their MTVs ( oh, we are the MTV generation too! )

Anyway, I was actually in Tagaytay that Sunday, but as my best friend was kind enough to gift me tickets to the NKOTBSB ( NKOTB + BSB ) concert, I went home early just to catch the concert. As bestbud K and I went to the concert grounds, we were brushing up on what we knew about NKOTB, not really on BSB as we were so familiar with it. Haha!

Queue was really long, and the place was just so packed. It was our first time at the MOA Arena. Queues on the snack station, queues at the restroom, and even to go to our places. Can I say queue again? Hahaha!

We were seated in front, but that didn’t exactly mean a really good spot. People would stand when the concert starts, and it would really be obstructing our view if we don’t fight for our respective views. Haha! After three front acts, and waiting for an hour, the concert finally started.

Let me just share with you how I was in awe during the opening number. The marriage of the two greatest boybands of our generation , New Kids on the Block and The Backstreet Boys. Opening tune of Viva La Vida ( I was like, Kreng, is this a surprise that this is actually a Coldplay concert? Ahhhh a girl can only wish! ), that turned out to be a mashup of two ( or three, if you consider Viva La Vida ) – The One and Single. The snappy dance moves of the two groups proved to make me swoon, and the stage…the stage!!!!

Boybands know how to make girls swoon – making great eye contact with the audience- with the band members waving to their fans, giving them flying kisses, and even the “call me” sign! Oh my god. Talk about being involved with their audience – getting fans from the crowd and serenading them ( see proposal picture below )

Memorable moments :
– the opening act. I swear adding a Coldplay song to the mashup? I can never be thankful enough!
– BSB proposing to the girls
– Nick Carter getting all funky and crazy. He looked old, attribute it to his drug addiction. But at least he got out of it. That night, he really looked like he was on fire. Fueled with passion for performing. I really salute him. He was the crowd favorite, as he is the crush material during our HS days.
– Jordan Knight aging gorgeously! Oh my gosh. He looks better than ever. Swoon!
– Joey Mcintyre’s really, really impressive vocals. Soooo good! And his almost reaching out to the Lower Box when he went to the crowd!!!
– Donnie Wahlberg’s being all sexy. Sha na. Sha na ang shirtless!
– Howie D’s booty shakes. He was just so cute doing it all the time!
– Bryan Littrell, I think, was the friendliest among the Backstreet Boys. He just kept on waving at the fans and making super nice eye contact with everyone ( everyone! hahaha! )
– AJ’s really kickass voice and moves. Ahhhhhh.

Okay, so now you’ve probably lost respect for me as a late 20’s girl with all that I said. Hahaha! I’m sorry, but that night, I was transported back to my childhood, maybe most fondly, my highschool days when I would be all giddy with these stuff. I really enjoyed that “phase”, and most of it has got to be about the wonderful music I enjoyed way back. I just could not believe that it’s been 19 years since I first heard the Backstreet Boys with their MTV Quit Playing Games With My Heart and found it catchy, and nice! Time just flies so fast, and this concert just took me back where I wanted to be, even for a night.

The concert lasted for two hours and a half, and I wish that the night would never end. I wanted to be stranded in this boyband wonderland forever. NKOTBSB made sure that we had our complete boyband fix before everyone was just satiated enough to go home. On the way home, I could feel my voice hoarse from all that screaming, trying to talk to bestbud K about the night that was, proclaiming I am so so so happy. This is the best night of my life. I got home replicating those snappy dance moves and laughing all by myself, all happy, and childlike, trying to keep in memory the concert that just happened. I didn’t really want to close my eyes that night, as when I wake up, the concert would be a mere memory, fleeting to me, but I’m quite sure that this experience is embedded in who I am already. This is me. My generation. Our music. Our idea of happiness. What a girl wants to hear.

This concert left me feeling elated. Gave me youth genes. Giving me happiness that I can turn back time, just like that.

Oh yes, so let me spend my afternoon listening to boy band music, serenading me, and promising me that I’m the only one. 😛

I know a friend who told me that she’d dislikes watching concerts, and would rather listen to CDs and MP3 files. I just told her, that if practicality wins me over, I would also think like that, but I have this belief that watching an artist perform live is way, way better than listening to recorded music. I believe that music is healing. Music is good vibes. I believe that these artists, given with the gift of music, can transfer so much good vibes to their audiences by inspiring them with their songs. I always find myself a changed person everytime I watch a concert, like a part of the artist is shared to each one of the audience. Of course, only if you are in sync and you love that artist must you go to be inspired. Now, I am just so lucky that within those two weeks I was able to get inspiration, both in different ways, from two of my favorite bands.

I believe that I can be happy.