How easy is it to say that we trust God?

Consider saying this –

” I don’t need money, because God is all I need.”

in different scenarios :

a. While having a huge paycheck every month and sizable savings that can last you for life.

b. Leaving your work, being unemployed but still having sizable savings that can carry you through a few good years

c. Being unemployed, and almost being stripped bare of all your financial resources.

d. Hardly meeting the day’s needs and hardly eating right because of lack of resources.

As this can be applied to different scenarios (may they be financial, relational, or physical), sometimes it can be easy to say that we trust God as we still have our securities in place. I call them “cushions.” I believe in my heart that God honors that utterance in our hearts, and He starts off with such “cushions.” But then, as we grow in faith and we journey with the Lord further, He slowly removes the “cushions,” comforts and securities that make it easy for us to trust, until before we know it, the cushions are gone, and it gets harder and harder to trust the Lord.

It can be such a painful epiphany that we might not have really trusted in the Lord in the past, that we might have proudly proclaimed that we did, not knowing that we also somehow trusted in those securities. God, rich in His mercy, and His unfailing love for us, does not condemn us, but goes on further with his transformative work in our lives – stretching our faith in the pace and degree that He knows best, and we grow and grow until truly, He is all that we need. He intends to remove us from the attachments of this world, and usher us into that inner freedom. When God is all we need, it is absolute freedom.

Apart from that, as our faith is stretched and we experience the tension of trusting, it dethrones us from a place of superiority from spectator to co-journeyer. Our experience helps us understand those who are struggling, and not judge them right away as “lacking faith” right away. We understand that it is not an easy place to be, the struggle is real, but we will want to encourage them to trust anyway, against all odds, because He is truly worth it.

This is truly something to think about. What do you think?