This Warm Haze


Yep, I’ve started wearing eyeglasses again. My eyes seem to be having trouble focusing as I have astigmatism. It’s been a bit hard to work without my glasses. It’s the first time in my life that I am chained to my them. I never had to wear them for the past 25+ years.

Just yesterday, I had trouble wearing my glasses, as every time I put them on, the view from my glasses was hazy. I wiped, wiped, and wiped, thinking that it must be my skin’s oil or makeup that made it unclear, but it didn’t seem to be the cause. My friends told me to have my health checked as I might have diabetes (yikes! I don’t think so though) , or I just might be too stressed with work that makes my eyesight hazy like that. I was actually getting alarmed that my eyesight is deteriorating.

I woke up extra early this morning as I went to our church’s conference. Such a rare occurence that I see the sun this early, and I just loved how the sun glowed through the landscapes before me on the road. Its golden rays would shine on everything it would hit, causing to change the color of the scenery into a beautiful, golden haze. It gave warmth to the scenery before my eyes, and it was just breathtaking. It made me just breathe in the beauty of the moment and relished this experience. [Read more…]

R&R Getaway at Mövenpick Cebu : Just Mom and Me


with my mom, spending a beautiful weekend at Cebu, just me and her.

When I had a one-week vacation with my sister to the gorgeous underwater paradise called Palau, Micronesia, I was calling my folks at night to check up on how they were.

Apparently, it wasn’t a good night for them. The day my sister and I left, our two maids who were sisters told my mom that they were both sick and wanted to go home. They left, and that the household was left to my mom and my little sisters for an entire week. When I tried to call my sister, I asked her to pass the phone to my mom, and when I felt that my mom had the phone to her ears, I heard a small choke, and next thing I know, my sister tells me, “Mom can’t talk.” She was really upset about this. I felt bad.

My mom is one of the people in the world that makes me believe that God is good. She’s raised us selflessly, sacrificing so much for us, tirelessly cooking us great meals at home ( oh, that is why I grew up to be a foodie, because of her! ), lovingly pressing our uniforms as we grew up, preparing sandwiches and baons for school, setting aside money to enroll us in summer classes, and even invest in encyclopedias just because I was such a nerd then. I even remember her giving me money to buy a Tamagotchi toy because I had good grades in school. We didn’t have so much then, and I felt that she really gave us everything she could, in which I really, really appreciate. She gave us so much things financially, but even more, all her love. So much love. She’s been my best friend, and I can tell her everything. I just felt so sad that she was heartbroken at that point because she’s been burnt out with managing the household – we’re a bunch of 7, and the 7 still includes two small kids in college and in highschool!

Anyway, as I had a business trip scheduled two weeks following our return, I asked mom if she wanted to come along. I wanted to take her away from the stresses of the city and her surroundings. We thought that it would do her good to have some R&R for just a few days. My mom said okay, and just expected to wait for me at the hotel, and stay at the city ( in Cebu ) for the rest of the weekend, but I had something else in mind – the beach! Don’t you agree with me that just being near the sea can take all your problems away? Okay, it really doesn’t, but it helps, it helps! [Read more…]

Yummy Adventures : Mr. Kabab


I’ve dined in a specialty resto before that served kebabs at 700 bucks a pop. It was good. Thank God I didn’t pay for it. ( hahahaha! it was a business lunch! ) But then, I’ve found something even better. Comfort food. No air-conditioning in the place. Inexpensive. Straightforward. Just plain great food. Do not underestimate Mr. Kabab.

It has the most mouth-watering, delicious kebabs EVER!!!

I can be such a cowboy when it comes to food, and Mr. Kabab happens to be one of my guiltiest pleasures. I was introduced to this place by my friend way way back, and I can’t believe it’s been years since I ate here! I’ve dined here with alot of my friends, in which we shared really fond memories of enjoying food here while talking about our lives. I believe that the best dining experience is being able to enjoy the company you are with, truly! [Read more…]

Looking Thru The Eyes of Grace


I was about to write a full-blown review of Wicked, The Musical, that I have watched a few weeks ago. I wasn’t able to finish it because I just couldn’t narrate everything, as emotions kept pouring in. My eyes were really red and swollen before the first recess despite Glinda’s super-cute performance. I wasn’t really happy while watching the play, seeing so much realities in front of me. I even felt worse when a friend of mine told me that the book’s ending was far more pessimistic.

Elphaba was born with green skin, and that marked her fate for her entire lifetime. Born different, she didn’t get love from her dad, was blamed for her sister’s disability, and was never accepted in school, except for her teachers who saw talent and compassion in her heart. Children do have fragile hearts, and as innocent and unintentional as little children poking fun, or ostracizing a child that is different, it scars a child for life, and brings it with her into adulthood. Elphaba only longed to be accepted by her peers, and dreams of meeting the Wizard, her idol, with her dream outcome to be accepted, and well-loved by people because of her powers. She would leverage on her talent, first spotted by their head mistress, as an “ace” to gain approval from people. During the early scenes, a wave of sadness crept over me, for children struggling to have a sense of belonging and being accepted. Such vulnerable hearts to hurt.

Beneath her green skin, and tendency to be pre-judged as the villain, Elphaba had a heart. She was actually rallying for Professor Dillamond, and animal-teachers that are to be banned from teaching. She really wanted to help out.

I was quite saddened with this tragic story because this story says that in this life, we have different roles to play. What if you were naturally good, and your role in this lifetime is actually to be wicked? To be the villain? Elphaba resigned to the situation, and let things as they should be, despite her good heart.

In this story, good did not conquer all. Good was camouflaged into green skin, and in a wicked witch’s heart. What was exposed in this story was the harsh truth that was “truth is what everyone agrees about.”
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Yummy Adventures : Sentro 1771


Sunday is my favorite day of the week.

It’s one day of rest, one day of not working, spending time with family, and most of all, one day of worshipping my Savior.

After the Sunday service, my sister Sarabeth and I headed to Serendra for a quick lunch. I suddenly remembered one place that I haven’t gone back for years. One place that made my heart beat. It was Sentro 1771!

Why? Goodness gracious. Corned beef sinigang. Say no more.

Ever since I met up with a friend here for a lunch meeting and she made me try Sentro’s Corned Beef Sinigang, my life was never the same. I kept on craving, and craving, but no one would want to accompany me here. Oh, sinigang. Sinigang is my absolutely #1 Filipino dish of all time.

But now, I was back there, dragging my little sister with me. Hahaha!
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Sweet Bella, Now Carmelo’s Wagyu Steaks


Goodness. If this photo of such absolutely glorious, plateful of Rockefeller Oysters won’t drag your feet to this establishment, I don’t know what will.

I did love Sweet Bella. I really did! I thought the food was great, coupled with such a bright, and girly ambience. I’m not really a desserts person, but I was able to appreciate Sweet Bella because of its impressive array of main courses. I loved their steak dishes there the most!

That was probably why I plotted my lunch meeting with a client-friend here, as I missed Sweet Bella!

And then, my friend suddenly sends me an sms, “they changed names, and rebranded Sweet Bella into Carmelo’s”

Carmelo’s? But why? [Read more…]

I Will Write.

image credit :


That was what happened to me, if some of you have been wondering why I suddenly stopped blogging.

Yes, I truly enjoyed all my 6 years of beauty blogging, being able to write about what I love and am genuinely interested in. I was also able to gain really good friends from blogging, and was blessed with meeting new ones too, every single time. It was a great world I was in.

As work caught up with me, and more responsibilities crept on my shoulders, blogging just started to feel heavy on me. There came to a point that I felt that it was already a chore, and I preferred to rest, rather than to blog.

Yep, I was burnt out. I just felt that there was too much going on with my life, that blogging needed to take a backseat. And so it did. Slowly, until I got used to not creating content online, and going about my daily life working in the office, trying to meet deadlines, and just burying myself in work.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28
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Nutren Diabetes – Targeted Nutrition for Diabetics


As my grandmother has diabetes, I know that it requires alot of effort to take care of people who have that condition. What is diabetes?

Diabetes, often referred to by doctors as diabetes mellitus, describes a group of metabolic diseases in which the person has high blood glucose (blood sugar), either because insulin production is inadequate, or because the body’s cells do not respond properly to insulin, or both. Patients with high blood sugar will typically experience polyuria (frequent urination), they will become increasingly thirsty (polydipsia) and hungry (polyphagia). –

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It’s Like I’m Living For The First Time.

It feels so good living your life based on what you passionately believe about. I can’t believe that I actually considered living the rest of my life based on lies before. A compromised life. Setting aside your truth with someone else’s. I can’t believe that it took me over a year to realize that. I wouldn’t trade my freedom for the world. This is my world. I am my own person. It feels amazing acting upon what you believe in, fighting for what you are passionate about, and sharing it freely to people. I love smiling everyday knowing that I am free to choose, free to love, and free to say whatever my heart tells me to.
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I Want To Spend My Life Loving You

Everything I need is You, my beginning, my forever.

There are no accidents in this life.

Everything happens for a reason.

You touched my heart this April, and changed my heart from a resentful, selfish heart, into a heart humble, thankful for your forgiveness, willing to serve you all my life.

You changed my heart just in time for the storm. If I were the person I was this time of the year, I would have drowned and death would have become of me.

Thank You for dying on the cross for me. I totally do not deserve it. All my sins, forgiven, by Someone blameless and sin-less, who has ransomed my soul because His Father and He loves me so much. I feel the need to thank you every single day for doing this for me, for thinking about me, and for thinking that I am worth saving. [Read more…]