Everything I need is You, my beginning, my forever.

There are no accidents in this life.

Everything happens for a reason.

You touched my heart this April, and changed my heart from a resentful, selfish heart, into a heart humble, thankful for your forgiveness, willing to serve you all my life.

You changed my heart just in time for the storm. If I were the person I was this time of the year, I would have drowned and death would have become of me.

Thank You for dying on the cross for me. I totally do not deserve it. All my sins, forgiven, by Someone blameless and sin-less, who has ransomed my soul because His Father and He loves me so much. I feel the need to thank you every single day for doing this for me, for thinking about me, and for thinking that I am worth saving.

“And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose” ( Romans 8:28) continues to be one of my favorite verses in Your book, your beautiful book of promises and love. I cling to your promise, your love is faithful, and endures time and all circumstance, as only You stay faithful with your promises. I tend to break my promises to people sometimes, and now, I feel bad, and I will try my best to keep my promises, as you are my role model. You never break Your promises. Your promises are perfect, and full of love for those who are devoted to you.

I seek to spend my life worshipping You, praising You, and living my life for You, for your glory. I know that I am far from perfect to be living just like You when you walked here on Earth, but let me just try. You know my heart, and my heart beats to serve You.

In my moments of darkness, I could not help but cry in despair for why things like this happen to me. I cry myself to you every single night to make me stronger, and get thru this moment of darkness, for I know that you would never let me experience this without a purpose. You are preparing me for something great. I continue to cling to you, and ask for your comfort, and peace of mind, while I endure this suffering and grief, for I know, you will take me to the land of honey as I finish this ordeal. I know, you are molding me into the person that I’m supposed to be, destined to be, according to Your will. In this darkness, I know, You hold my hand. I know that I am not alone. Your presence, and oh, the signs you show me to cheer me up every single day continue to bring tears to my eyes. You are amazing.

Thank You Lord for everything. For yesterday, today, and for tomorrow. Thank You for loving me so much. Thank You for coming into my life.