It feels so good living your life based on what you passionately believe about. I can’t believe that I actually considered living the rest of my life based on lies before. A compromised life. Setting aside your truth with someone else’s. I can’t believe that it took me over a year to realize that. I wouldn’t trade my freedom for the world. This is my world. I am my own person. It feels amazing acting upon what you believe in, fighting for what you are passionate about, and sharing it freely to people. I love smiling everyday knowing that I am free to choose, free to love, and free to say whatever my heart tells me to.

My actions are governed by my faith, and I’m sticking to what I hold true.

I know my truth. I found it at the Cross.

This love is so sweet, so filling, so overwhelming, so complete that I don’t need anything else but This.

It’s like I’m living for the first time.